Messabout report

September 10, 2007

On Saturday we went to the messabout organized by the Delaware River chapter of the TSCA, the Traditional Small Craft Association.

We got there late, after a difficult morning of errands and slack. Once we got there I had a great time talking boats. I got to row a Michalak Robote - very cool very fast rowboat. I even took younger son out for a row.

I also took both boys for a short sail in a shellback dinghy. It was their first sailboat ride ever! Elder son got very upset when the boat first heeled, but once he recognized that small boats tip a little, and sailboats always tip a little, then he calmed down.

The Robote was great fun, and I am glad that I am building something very like it. (Mine will be a touch slower and more stable.) The Shellback was a pain to sail, but looking back my best memories of the day are seeing the two boys sitting side-by-side by the centerboard as we sailed this little dinghy around on a little lake.

In other news, the leading contender for boat B is Welsford's Walkabout.

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