A Wicked Wicked Man

September 12, 2007

John Welsford is a wicked, wicked man.

He designed a little row-sail cruising dingy that has captured my imagination.

He also has a lot of good advice about picking a boat. Start by looking at the traditional working boats for the primary water where you will be using the boat (for me, Sea Bright skiffs, jersey skiffs, melonseeds, sneakboxes.) He then urges people to write a story or draw a picture showing them using their boat.

My story is not much of a story, more of a picture. I see my little white boat with red sails heading up the Connecticut River just past Mt Holyoak and the big oxbow lake there.

I had never imagined myself doing river cruising. But now I am compulsively checking the tidal currents on the Delaware at Philadelphia, and trying to figure out how to juggle two small children and the ride upstream to the boat trailer.

Of course, by the time I get Walkabout finished, the kids will not be small anymore.

But I am already counting my pennies and thinking about sails — even before I get the plywood for the little rowing boat.

This is a bad sign.

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