May 23, 2005

For the last week or so we have been having the good fun of playing with Frankenbaby. I suppose I could call him zombie baby, or sleepwalker baby, or Scooby-Do-Villain-Baby, but Frankenbaby has a better ring to it.

The littler man is just barely walking. As he walks he sticks his arms out in front of him, like Frankenstein's monster did. I had long wondered why it was that the stereotypical slow, clumsy monster - classic zombies for example - held their hands out. Now that I see Frankenbaby, I see that the arms out are a way of increasing the moment arm for rotation from feet onto buttocks, and thus a good way to keep your balance - sort of like the way that runners will stick their hands out to either side when running down hill.

It is also pretty darn cute.

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