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May 24, 2005

Well, I finished the first pass on the new second half of the new chapter two. I go from the 1790s to 1817, talking about infidel clauses, Presidential invocations of Providence, Sabbath mails, and the Episcopal-Reformed debate in New York State. I have no idea if the conclusion ties it all together, but that is what revisions are for.

In other news, I pulled my calf AGAIN, this time while walking the hound about half a mile from home. The second half of that walk was much slower than the first half, yep. The really frustrating thing about the calf pull and the lack of running is that, right on schedule, 10 days after my last run I got a cold. I am convinced (and this may be a self-fulfilling prophecy) that I get no colds when I run regularly, regular colds when I am not running.

I hear the call of sudafed and errands.

Posted by Red Ted at May 24, 2005 01:15 PM | TrackBack

Just wanted to say I appreciated your entry (from Jan 04) regarding Citizen Genet. Our town, East Greenbush, is celebrating its 150th anniversary of township, and while "Citizen" Genet looms large in local legend -- he settled here when he married Gov. Clinton's daughter -- the reason for his fame (or infamy) is completely overlooked. Your succinct synopsis is very helpful.

I've gone through the same running/cold cycle, and I agree, if I can keep in that condition, I don't get the colds. But all the other injuries keep me from running, and I've started to accept that I'm better off biking.

Posted by: Carl Johnson at May 27, 2005 08:58 AM
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