Saturday Garden Blogging

April 03, 2004

Something ate the crocus from the front yard. I suspect a rabbit, as I have seen no deer in the area. The crocus look as if someone ran over them with a lawn mower. Oddly enough, the crocus in the beds along the house were untouched, as were the crocus by the back fence. Very odd.

Speaking of crocus, the crocus in the bed at the back of the house, around the climbing rose, are coming up. I think I put too many crocus back there and not enough in the front beds. I have not decided if I will transplant or if this fall's bulb order will just include another sack of 50 croci.

While puttering around I decided to mow and seed the front lawn. The toddler wanted to help push the hand-reel mower, but J decided it was too complicated and sharp to be a toy.

Elsewhere, all five roses are showing at least a little growth. One has some shoots coming up from its roots while the rest have a few red leaves peeking out from the green stalks. I have not yet received the mail order roses - they should be coming next week.

As I said the other day, I planted some seedlings because they were too big for the starter pots and I had no place else to put them. We have had cold rainy weather, so far they are neither dead nor thriving but are just little green lumps. We are due for a hard freeze tomorrow night, which will probably kill them dead. I will sow balsam seeds in the dirt in a week or two and will see if they do better that way - there is a lot of trial and error to this garden thang.

One of our neighbor's grand daughters likes hot food. We have a surplus of jalapeno seedlings so I promised the lass a few pepper plants if grandma could drop off pots for them. The pepper seedlings are looking healthy but small; I expect to move them to larger pots later this week. I see eight Thai dragons - not as many as I had hoped for but enough to re-stock the dried peppers in the cupboard. My current plan is Thai dragons and hero peppers by the house, jalapenos by the back fence.

The tomatoes have adapted to the new pots. They are still slightly shocked from the move - I do hope they will survive.

And back to work.

There are ten Thai dragons, not eight. I might actually be able to get six plants into the dirt.

This was also the six hundred sixty sixth post to the weblog. Does that mean that this year's hot peppers will be beastly hot? (Entry count is off by about 1200 because I had trouble transferring posts from blogger.)

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