Things you won't do

April 05, 2004

I play computer games. I play, or played as I have not had time or a gaming group lately, board games and pencil & paper roleplaying games. Part of the fun of the roleplaying games, computer or p&p, is creating a new character or a new personality. When creating a new person, especially in the more restricted realm of the computer games like Everquest or Earth & Beyond, I find it very useful to make a list of things the character likes to do and, more importantly, a list of the things the character will not do or prefers not to do.

So, my Everquest ranger did not drink; my Everquest cleric drank like a fish; J's Everquest shaman refused to hunt elephants as they were her totem animal, and so on.

I was reminded of this last night as I was going through flag catalogs figuring out what flags I will want to purchase over the rest of the year. I ordered a Continental (red flag, white field, green tree in the field), decided the next couple of Revolutionary war flags will be a Gadston (solid yellow flag, large coiled rattlesnake) and a Green Mountain boys (Green flag, blue field, 13 oddly positioned stars in the field). I will hold off on a Serapis (13 red white and blue stripes, blue field, 13 seven-pointed stars in the field) until I decide if I want to spend $40 on a printed flag or $100 on a sewn flag. Sewn flags look better but I give myself a flag budet of about $20/month and I don't know if I will want to wait 5 months between new toys.

The "things you don't do" aspect came as I looked at the rest of the catalog. I already know that I will not fly any Confederate flag because I have a gut aversion to splitting the union. I discovered that I will not fly an armed forces flag like the Marine red with globe and anchor, and that I refuse to do this for the same reason that I refuse to wear a British regimental tie - I was not there and it would be rude for me to display the credential; doing so is closer to posing than it is to respect. (In Britain, regimental ties are generally only worn by former members of the regiment. The ties are spiffy and Americans don't care, so it is not improper to wear a random regiment in New York even though doing so in London will lead to embarassment.)

Similarly, I won't get one of those blue baseball caps with the name and number of a US navy ship on it, at least not of any ship that was in service during the 20th century.

On the other hand, I am always looking for a good Christmas present for Dad, and he does like flags - let me look again at the Navy flag for him. If he wore baseball caps I would get him a Stribling DD cap.

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My girls also would not kill Norrath's Elephants, but not for a reason such as J's. My girls would not kill them because they looked (and sounded) just *so real* and I saw "Echo of the Elephants" on PBS/Nature... and therefore I could not bear to hear the (yeah, I know, digital... but it doesn't matter) elephants scream in pain because of me.

Not exactly what you were writing about, there, but it just reminded me of that.

Posted by: Me. at April 5, 2004 07:28 AM
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