Roses and Bulbs

March 05, 2004

I pruned the roses today.

I also raked leaves away from the budding bulbs. Spring has come to this corner of New Jersey: the crocus are peeking up, the early tulips are showing their first foliage, the spring irises are peeking out, and the roses were beginning to bud.

So, the roses got cut down to knee height, then fertilized so that they will grow back stronger. I think that Nietzsche must have been a rose gardener, for the plants are alternately cosseted and brutalized in order to stimulate their growth.

I like playing in the dirt. It relaxes me and it helps me think about things without directly thinking about them. Even raking leaves relaxes me, although it is much cooler to play in the dirt and see live green things appear as a result of your efforts.

And so to write - I think that today I will be writing up the changes to chapter four.

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