Mom bought a new

September 21, 2003

Mom bought a new car a couple of weeks ago.

The lease ran up on the Taurus wagon, and she did not like it. "It was an old lady's car." Now, thanks to some silly 0% financing from Ford, they have a new little sports utility vehicle.

My first thought was "She can't get a Sports Ute - she does not drive like a jerk." But then, I remembered that back in the 1980s when we had a Chevy Suburban she did love driving it. You have to remember that Mom is about an inch over five feet tall, and she tended to grin a lot while driving the Suburban. That was good memories, and she does like to be up above the traffic and see what is happening around her. So she drove happy in a sports ute back before all the jerks bought them. She is approved, I will let her keep it (grin).

I asked her if she was going to get a roof rack so she can put her kayaks up on top and take them places. She looked at me funny and reminded me that she can not life her own kayak any more. She is 71 - even though she does not look it. She is complaining that she is shrinking, her pants no longer fit. So Mom is now a little old lady in a sports ute.

I am beginning to think she should have gotten a Hummer.

And so to wash the dishes.

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