I looked over my

September 21, 2003

I looked over my last few blog posts. They are pretty tight, well-written mini-rants. This is not like that; this entry is a rambling mess from a sleepy man.

Friday was a darn good writing day. I took my blogging energy - I tend to blog while I write, as a form of study break - and put it towards a long thing on powerpoint and teaching.

Friday night we went down to the shore - got a late start because bonehead here tried to turn down the burner with the chicken stock on it and instead turned off the oven with the chicken roasting in it. Saturday my dad got a nice civic honor and we spent a couple of hours listening to speeches by the town Commissioners. I took some useful notes on public speaking, especially on how NOT to do it. I was also struck that two of the five speeches dwelt on the trouble that this affluent community is having hiring enough qualified people. Public Works has had three open positions and continuous job searches going for over a year in a group of 25 workers and 5 managers. That is a 10 percent unfilled rate - it seems high to me.

Saturday we came home, last night J sang in the choir during Slichot. The service STARTED after our bedtime. We were both very tired afterwards.

Today, Sunday, has been a day for housework and puttering and wishing we had a nap. I did finally get out to get more trim paint for the master bedroom (and for baby's wooden rocking chair) and I got a rake so I could get the oak leaves off the lawn. This homeowner thing means you keep having to buy things. I did a little writing half an hour ago - moved a few sentences around. I also went over some rough drafts and sent the kids some comments. It has not been a highly productive weekend. I need to get a lot of work done tomorrow because on Tuesday I get a deluge of papers.

And so to write the second (more focused) entry.

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