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September 21, 2003

Blog networks

I read blogs, it is my current off-time activity. I find that I read two particular flavors of blog by preference. The first are pundit blogs: Kevin Drum's Calpundit, the Volokh crowd of libertarians, and others who like to have their regular say about current events. I occasionally say a little about events as well. The second group is a little harder to characterize. I think of it as articulate women with an edge: Anne wrestling with her demons or Krista Scott-Dixon's feminist weightlifting, but many of them file their public presences as sex blogs. The Dirty Whore is one of the most articulate and strong-minded of these, which is why I linked to her from my blog.

As I read blogs I often leave marginal commentary, more often on the articulate women than on the pundits. I think that some of the people who follow up on my commentary from the articulate women are a little confused by what they find here - I don't fit into that blog network.

I am not really sure how I would characterize this blog. It is a diary on some level. It was a workout log when I first started it. It is a place where I hash out my writing problems. It is a place where I dump my comments on the class I just taught. It is also a place where I write up my thoughts on the issues of the day to get them out of my head so that I can then do my own work. I have not been doing much punditry, but I might do more.

I work hard to keep this blog very clean - I write it anonymously but as a practical matter I know that I have not hidden my tracks all that well. I don't write anything my wife could not read at work; I don't write anything that would get me in trouble with a possible hire. I doubt that my students read it, if they do they will find that I am not as confident as I try to appear and I think they can survive that discovery.

I do think that I will post a few more things that might appeal to the people who follow up on my odder offerings to other people's comment boxes.

And so to bed.

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