The pile of boxes

August 15, 2003

The pile of boxes goes down and down, hurrah, hurrah (sung to the tune of "When Johnnie Comes Marching Home")

We are starting to see where the house might go. Of course, we still have more stuff than we have space to put it into. The office works - all the books are in - but we don't have anyplace to put computer disks, computer parts, stray notebooks, or my history textbooks. The living room works, except that the stereo, the chair, and the blanket chest are all arguing for posession of the same bit of wall. It would be easier if we did not want a TV in the house, but we do want one. We have had cable for over a week now. The TV has still not yet been plugged in.

I am revising chapter 4, going over it looking for bad logic, awkward phrasings, bloated text and the like. I found a fair bit of kibble to take out. I still wonder if my narrative for the chapter works. I think it does, I am comfortable that I have found some sort of conceptual crisis in 1844-45. I am not sure that I have described it accurately, set up the crisis properly, or properly articulated what changed and why. So, I get to do more.

Things to do today: write, errands, phone calls, move stuff around the house. I have stopped putting my to do list in the blog. Now it sits in Wordperfect and gets copied and edited from day to day. Houses are a lot of work, yep.

And so to work.

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