Back into the swing

August 12, 2003

Back into the swing of things.

We moved a week ago last week. We are still surrounded by boxes, shifting boxes, shopping for new furniture to set off the contents of those boxes, and otherwise having a grand old time.

The list of projects and things to do has hit two pages, although a chunk of that is the step-by-step to do list for the basement bleach and painting party.

Given all that, this weekend we did the only logical thing. We went to the beach for a couple of days. Relatives were in from Michigan, and from New Mexico, and we baptized my neice. It was good to see people.

Now that I am back, it is write write write and class-prep, class-prep, class-prep.

I am working on chapter 4. I need to come up with something meaningful for the end of the chapter. I still have not gotten up to Princeton to do the reading that will let me change the second section in the chapter. So far I am doing background reading and thinking about how to handle things. Princeton tomorrow.

I have not showered today. We caulked the tub last night and it will take 24 hours to dry. Otherwise I would be halfway to Princeton right now.

To do today:
sand and prime a door
trim and poison the rose plants
shift furniture in my office, get things into a position where I can start emptying boxes.
read the appropriate chapters in: Noll, Holt, Carwardine
Get the course packet to the printers.
Call: electrician (he came Saturday after we left for the shore) and floor guy.
Put up shelves in living room book cases

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