I love the web.

August 20, 2003

I love the web. I hate the web.

I love the web. It helps me work.

I spent some time this morning preparing for my next library run, following up on a trip Monday to the Princeton Theological Seminary. I was reading library catalogs, pulling call numbers, and doing prepatory work that let me decide where to go, what order to go to places, and what to start reading when I got there. That was great.

And, some of my documents have been placed online, particularly documents that appeal to a constituency or that are in a field with amateur historians. So I was reading James Graves 1880 work on landmarkism online, will read more in it online, and will not spend my precious archive time looking at that particular document.

I hate the web. It distracts me from my work.

I also spent a moment of downtime looking at the Everquest 2 web site. I played Everquest for a while, lost some writing time to it, and if I have the spare time next spring I will probably try EQ2. This would be fine, but a 5-minute study break turned into 30 minutes of looking at screenshots and trying to figure out the new skill trees.

I fear that this blog also distracts me from my work. I justify it becuase it gives me a place to write loose stream-of-consciousness things about my work, my short-term plans, and my life. It is good to keep a diary.

And so to run errands - Ted needs new glasses.

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