Another long time no

July 31, 2003

Another long time no blog.


I have been doing detail painting on the upstairs. We are done but for doors, heating registers, and the closet interiors.

We held off on painting the closets until we decided about how to run the HVAC.

I might get a job offer from a county college to the East of us. If I get it, or get another job this fall, we will be moving. It would make sense to do cheap HVAC or no HVAC.

If I get a job offer from a Philadelphia school or give up on academia and take a paper-pushing job, then we will stay put. It would make sense to do a very good HVAC installation.

Right now we are leaning towards waiting till spring to decide about HVAC. That means I get to paint the closets.

I finished cutting chapter 3; it is now 20 pages shorter.

We move on Monday, I get to start packing.

I am thinking about how to rewrite chapter 4. It needs work, I have a quick research run and some historiography to get through. The core concept is very good, but I need to frame things better.

There is currently no internet at the new house. My office is at the new house. My study breaks have involved trimming rose bushes or painting door parts, not writing blogs.

I slept poorly last night, perhaps pizza and 2 sodas at 8:00 pm is not the best idea. But it tasted good at the time (I should not have eaten that fifth slice).

And so to have more day.

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