Random thought while grading.

July 02, 2003

Random thought while grading.

What if I taught the first half of the survey backwards? Start with Reconstruction, ask why Reconstruction did not create a viable bi-racial society, take that back into the way that freeing slaves was not a cause of Northern war effort but a side effect of civil war, take that back to the sectional crisis and secession v unionism, take that back farther.

Advantage: it would give a strong narrative, race and consequences, to the first half of the survey. Although, I might well be able to get same narrative if I teach frontwards. It would also make the survey completely fresh for me, and while I am not yet burned out on teaching the survey I do feel some need to mix it up again.

Disadvantage: the smart kids would love it, the struggling students would be lost at sea. Perhaps use this as my re-cap lecture at the end, perhaps even use it as a set-piece lecture for the first day of class. That would be a lecture, not a discussion, and I need more discussions.

I probably won't do it, but I will work up a precis of a reverse survey to help me focus what I do in part 1 this fall.

And back to grading.

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