We spent the holiday

July 08, 2003

We spent the holiday weekend playing with our new house. I learned all manner of things.

1, The wife and baby are a lot of fun, but more of my projects get done when they are 10 miles away. Of course, none of her projects get done then, but there you go.

2, Plaster is very cool

3, Plaster is very annoying

4, The previous owner did a LOT of interior surface work

5, The previous ownder did his work in a quick-and-dirty manner

6, Scraping the old paint off windowsills takes longer than expected

7, Scraping the old finishing spray off walls can reveal all manner of things - see points 2 and 3.

8, My new electric screwdriver is my favorite tool

9, My can of spackle is also my favorite tool

10, Peeling paint spreads

11, Peeling paint exposes damage to the surface coat of plaster

12, Drywall compound is a recommended product for replacing the surface coat of old plaster.

13, Old houses were built before residential air conditioning

14, Old houses can be air conditioned, but you have to figure out how to pump the return air through the walls - we are not sure if we are going to do this one.

15, Bullnose pine oxidizes and can get water damaged

16, It is not worth sanding water damaged pine floors.

17, Oak finishing strips will double the cost of refinishing your floors, fancy woods will raise it even more.

18, Small, deep holes in plaster walls fill more rapidly if you replace the missing scratch coat with a pill of rolled-up paper.

19, Wear a mask and goggles when using the palm sander

20, Old dress shirts with frayed collars make excellent grubs

21, It takes MUCH longer than expected before you are ready to paint. We are still scraping and filling.

22, Plaster is very cool stuff

23, Plaster is very annoying.

And so it goes.

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