Baby was restless last

July 02, 2003

Baby was restless last night.

Graded the first third of the exams, then read a little as I was too tired to do a responsible job on the exams but not yet sleepy. Headed for bed around 1:00, just as baby decided he wanted UP ! I rocked him for 15 minutes or so, then passed him to J. She took baby from 1:30 to 3:00, much longer than I had expected - she drowsed on the couch while the baby played. Me, I slept like a log - perhaps because I forgot my niacin. Up at 6:15 to pee, then back to bed till a little after 7:00.

To do today
turn in grades
call the sump guy
head to house and:
drop off chairs and stuff
pick paint color for upstairs
collect tools from bro-in-law
hit the supply stores for: garden hose, spackle/drywall compound
if have time, will move the oak kitchen table from storage unit to the new place.

And now to grade

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