The 11th circuit court

July 01, 2003

The 11th circuit court gave its decision in the case of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who installed a 5,000 lb statue of the 10 Commandments, King James Version, with supporting quotes, in the rotunda of the state courthouse and then went back and forth between denying that he had created a Christian shrine and asserting that he had every right to create that shrine.

His appeal was rejected, 50 page pdf file

The folks at quote one humerous section of the appeal - Roy Moore first invited the judges at a lower appeal to come look at the installation and then tried to appeal because of that visit.

In general the 11th Court treated Moore like an idiot and practically accused him of nullification for some of his goofier theories about the role of a Chief Justice, state governor, or legislative speaker in interpreting the Constitution.

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