To bed around 11:00.

June 09, 2003

To bed around 11:00. Slept 11:30 to 6:30, wanted to stay in bed. About 7 hours of sleep.

Yesterday, Sunday, was a day of errands and baby and rest. I did not write, I did not try to write, I did not read, I did not do work. It has been a long time since I took a day completely off. I did snuggle with J, run errands, go grocery shopping, and make more jam.

Last night's jam was strawberry: 2 quarts berries --> 5 cups mashed berries, 1 packet pectin, 7 cups sugar, the grated zest of about half a lemon. I heated it too hard after adding the sugar and it boiled over. It was slow to set, but seems to have set OK in all jars but one. The refrigerator jam set nicely - I got about 2 cups more jam than the recipe called for. I suspect that my 5 cups of mashed berries were closer to 5 1/2 cups of mashed berries - those were very large quarts. J helped by hulling the berries - she will help with jam when she thinks she will like the results.

This morning, I had some more of the refrigerator jam. It is a very good "light fresh" strawberry. It is not the complex front of the mouth flavor of the best Breedens berries, but it is tasty. Last night, when the jam was frothy on top and appeared not to be setting, I resolved to buy a flat of fresh California berries today and make more jam. I feel less driven towards doing that today, although lets see how I feel when I go out to deal with dry cleaning.

Things to do today:
Prep class for Tuesday
Dry cleaning
Exercise - I mean it this time.
buy berries and make more strawberry jam (maybe)

And so to work.

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