Diary entry, June 7,

June 07, 2003

Diary entry,
June 7, 2003, 9:07 am.

Slept 11:40 to 6:30 or so, call it 7 hours. I read a Cornwell novel last night after coming home, I have found the formula in them but they are still entertaining and compelling mind candy. J gave me quite the evil tone of voice as she went to bed around 10:30, it looked like I was going to follow a night of no sleep with a night of staying up reading. Almost went to bed after chapter 8, but went ahead and finished it.

I had been feeling the lack of fiction; I do not know if it was a cause or a symptom of my lack of ability to concentrate the second half of this week, I do hope that I will be able to get a lot more done over the weekend and at the start of next week.

Yesterday was pretty much a lost day. I decided on no naps and no caffeine in order to get my system back on track, and that meant that I was slow, distractable, and largely incompetent for most of the day. I spent yesterday morning grading, and took hours to do 40 minutes of work. I got distracted at lunchtime and read blogs instead of going to feed myself. Finally in the afternoon I got out of the house, hit the library and the barber, and got the baby.

Last night we went out for dinner. Neither of us wanted to cook, neither of us wanted to eat what we had. We went to the local seafood joint. I broke my diet. Had a bowl of crab bisque (tasty, tomato-cream sauce), and a broiled swordfish that had been browned with a pat of butter. There were double-fried potato wedges on the side - much fat content for Ted. J had grouper, it was mediocre. Baby was a big hit. Afterwards we went shopping for baby clothes, a fun Friday night on the town yep.

This morning woke up, took the hound, had a bite of breakfast. I am trying something new. Instead of taking my niacin at bedtime I waited and took it as I brushed my teeth this morning. I figured that instead of having the pills keep me awake all night, why not have them keep me awake in the day and then I might sleep well at night. So far, taking it on an empty stomach, I have had a little bit of flushing. Most of that went away after I ate breakfast. If I am going to take morning pills I will need to get one of those 7-day pillboxes and take pills AFTER I eat.

Showered - I still had prickly hair on my shoulders, and then to work. Still wrestling with civil religion. I fear I see Tevye in this section, I will need to pick one thing and say it clearly. Blogger is down, wrote this on Wordperfect for later insertion.


Had an ok day. Got through one sticking point, started work on clarifying my discussion of Christian union. Partway through the afternoon stopped being productive, moved to housework.
Fixed the broken drawer
repotted basil
made blueberry jam (after dinner)
called the seller, he might want to move closing up. We said we could do that.
talked with one of the ac guys, he will come by after we take posession and see if the ducts will handle return air volumes. Ground floor should, second floor probably won't. Is it worth putting in central air that will barely cool the upstairs?
J did a mess of house cleaning, boxing things, vacuuming floor.
J cooked dinner, we had a tasty chile.
Now to read a little and then to bed.

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