Up too late last

June 10, 2003

Up too late last night. In bed 4:15 to 7:30, slept about 4:30 to 7:15, call it 3 hours.

Yesterday I got a lot of work done early, a little work done in the middle, and a surprising amount of work during my second wind. It was a writing day; I have been revising the sag in the middle of chapter 3. I spent the morning thinking about the sag, coming up with a new approach, and patching the early sections.

Later on I got into the relationships between Christian Union and Civil Religion, tying them together with the notion that while folks shared a belief in Providence they differed on how to implement it. I am distinguishing between high and broad again, this time with Providence and the national covenant.

I made it to the gym, finally. It has been over a month since my last real workout, although I had one crappy workout in between. I am soft, weak and out of shape. I also lost 3 pounds, probably because I cut back on my food and lost some muscle mass. Gym weight 175.0, after shower was 172 even (weight without clothes.)

Was a little workout, I got out of the house late but made myself go exercise rather than slacking off AGAIN and just making dinner.

  • warmup: 4:00 exercycle, stretch, front squats bar *10
  • squats: bar * 10, 135*3, 185*8,8. Power stance. Did not push, sloppy form - concentration?
  • front squats: 135*5,5. Again, did not push especially because knees were adjusting to the motion. Went deep, narrow stance, feet forward. Touched hams to calves. Watch the form - hips were a little uneven. Did not push.
  • exercycle. Vertical cycle, 20:00 at resistance 11, 55 rpm, 207 "calories"

Home, dinner was leftover chicken fingers on hot dog buns. J made a GOOD spice rub the other day. I was not home till a little after 8:00 - the dry cleaner closed while I was at the gym. J washed the baby while I ate.

I then wrote for a while and then got a second wind. I almost went to bed with J at 11:00, but decided to look at Ezra Stiles Ely one more time.

I got a mess done, and every time I thought I was at a stopping point and could go to bed I was either not sleepy or thought of something more. I also read a chunk of an online novel between writing passes, that kept me awake while I came up with more things to say about E.S. Ely.

Slept in this morning, breakfast (wheaties with fresh strawberries, english muffin with my strawberry jam) and so to work. Taking Niacin in the morning again - I need to call Dr. L and see if I am messing up the effectiveness of the medicine by taking it in the morning and not at bedtime. This time I am giving 30 minutes for the aspirin to kick in before taking the niacin pill.

We are low enough on strawberries that I might get another half-flat and make more jam.

And so to work.

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