Slept 4:30 to 7:30,

June 25, 2003

Slept 4:30 to 7:30, a scant 3 hours.

The last few times I drove out to the CC I scared myself by getting very sleepy on the drive out. So, yesterday I resolved to take a nap before I went. I napped for about 45 minutes, perhaps a little longer, from 2 to 3. Then, while driving out, I drank a mug of hot tea.

Class went well, we finished the sectional crisis and talked about the Civil War. The students were interested, they asked questions, they were involved. It was a pretty good class despite having a disorganized and topical approach the the war.

After class two students wanted me to look over rough drafts, I did not get out until 9:15 or later. Got home after 10:00 and had a mushroom omelette and some toast.

Then I could not sleep. I read for a while, thought about sleep, read some more, thought about sleep, finally got to bed very late. I finished David Weber & John Ringo March to the Sea, a not very good military science fiction novel. Read a couple of chapters of Weber's Honor Harrington novels online from the Baen website. Weber writes good space opera. He has most definitely moved onto my list of things to scour the used bookstores for.

I am glad that I was not sleepy while driving, that really did scare me. I am also glad that I only have two more of these night classes to go.

Things to do today:
finish controversies section
splice together new front of chapter 4.

And so to have a day

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