As I Roved Out

June 25, 2003

As I Roved Out

The radio station in my head is playing "As I Roved out". I know the version by Boiled in Lead best, but I am having trouble finding those words.

Here are one set but not what I remember. This is closer to the words I know. This one is a melding of the two above, the one I know and the rude lines about the horsie. This source suggests that it is an Irish variant of the ballad of the trooper and the maid. The Glasgow Guide does not have this ballad but it has many many more.

Ah, here we go. Here is the album by Boiled in Lead and here is a Real-audio version of the first minute of the version I know.

It is a simple tune, and it sticks in my head, and I make up nonsense lyrics and sing them to the baby.

And back to work.

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