I am having trouble

June 24, 2003

I am having trouble concentrating on my writing. Went and read Liz speaks. Why do I tend to read political blogs written by men and personal blogs written by women?

The good news is that I prepped for this afternoon's class while procrastinating, all but pulling acetates. I will review it one more time before I go.

We are doing the Civil War today. I decided to use the Gettysburg Address as my in-class document. I did a little digging and found the Library of Congress website on the address. I am not giving that to the kids, just the plain text. I decided that the Gettysburg Address, like the Declaration of Independence and Winthrop's Model of Christian Charity, is one of those fundamental documents that everyone should read in high school. Many people have not read them, or did not read them carefully, so I am going to continue to use them in the survey. Take the survey from me and you WILL increase your cultural literacy.

I am teaching at a military base, I am very curious how this will hit a group of active duty soldiers, sailors and airmen. (Air folks? Airpeople? Remind me to ask what is the best gender-neutral term for Air Force personell).

I find that the GA is still a remarkably powerful document. It hit me as I was reading it, and I was reading it to myself. It was written to be read aloud. I am going to start the document by asking one of the students to read it aloud to the class. Then we will talk about what Lincoln meant by it, how he was changing the meaning of the war, how the sentiments in the GA differ from "We hold these truths to be self-evident ..." and "We, the people ... in order to form a more perfect union ...." and, if I feel snarky, "We are gathered together in this work as one man ..."

Bonus points to any commentator who can name all three things I quoted. (Easy quiz)

And back to work.

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