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June 19, 2003


I am an email junkie. I check my email accounts regularly. I have been checking my account at the nearby university and wondering why I never see any new mail - I thought it was because it was summer.

Nope, it is because the webmail interface ALWAYS brings you back to the last set of messages you looked at. I had to click a barely visible "forward" button, no bigger than ">>" in 8 point type, in order to see my new mail.

I discovered just now that my textbook review was received properly, and that I do indeed have 9 overdue library books - so overdue that I can no longer renew them. I get to drive into the city to return them. That will be a fun use of my time, but not today.

If I knew who to send comments to, about the email interface, I would complain about the default page-opening setting.

And back to work

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