Class went pretty well.

June 19, 2003

Class went pretty well. It was strange - the guys did not show up but five of the six women did.

We finally got to talk about Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings, which reminds me that I want a copy of that conference volume on Jefferson and the Hemings. We spent the rest of the class going through the sectional crisis and giving the Mike Holt interpretation of party practices and sectional tensions. I prepped well, and quickly, and class went well as a result.

I had prepped a lecture, I wanted to cover a lot of material and explain it. It was FUNNY lecturing to a group of 5 people, and I did stop several times to do the q&d role-play thang. We covered almost everything I wanted to, even giving a long discussion to Sally Hemings. We started in 1842 with John Tyler, and got through Texas, the M-A war, the workings of the 2nd party system, the role of sectionalism in party politics, schisms in the national denominations, Mormons and mormonism,the compromise of 1850, and Winfield Scott and the Whig decision to appeal to Catholic voters in 1852. I was able to give a brief identification of the Know-Nothings right at the end. Tuesday I go from Know-Nothings to War before the break, and fight the civil war in the last hour.

Home, a big snack. Baby got sick today - he had to come home from daycare with a fever. He is due for more Tylenol at midnight, or when he cries, whichever comes first. J finished packing - she is due to go to the Shore this weekend and leave me home to write.

I drank a soda before teaching. I think I get sleepy on the drive out because it is in the middle of nap time.

I think I get hungry on the way home because I am listening to Tolkein and he writes about food quite a lot. I certainly can not be because normally have lunch at 1:30, granola bars while driving, and then come home at 9:00 at night if things go well.

Read some more in John Keegan's Five Armies in Normandy over dinner. It is a good light history read. I have been reading random chapters from David Weber's Oath of Swords and The War God's Own. I like Weber, I have put him onto my "get out from library, buy used" list.

I got my summer student loan today. I get to repay the household account for the cost of my new computer, and do a book order. I know I have been marking things in the JAH and JER as I read the reviews. Now I get to go back and decide which, if any, I want to own. I will not be buying fiction this run, other than a remaindered hardback copy of 1633 if Amazon still has it for less than the paperback.

J wants me to summon some books from the county library. And so to books!

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