To bed around 11:30,

June 19, 2003

To bed around 11:30, fell asleep fairly easily. Woke at 5:45 to pee, 6:15 when the alarm went off, 6:45 after going back to bed, out of bed at 7:00. Call it a bit over 7 hours of sleep. It is a grey drizzling sort of a day, I could easily curl up with a book and read and sleep and read and sleep all the day long.

To do today:
prep class
prep a study sheet for the final
finish revising the intro to chapter 4
find the scribbled printout of chapter 2.

I have had that odd feeling all morning, where you were thinking of something, and wanted to remember it, but do not remember what it is that you wanted to remember - only that it was vaguely important. What is worse, I am not sure if this is a memory of a dream, or if it is something I was mulling over while tired last night.

The lawyer called yesterday. He has not seen the title review documents. I checked with J, and we have not seen them either. Supposedly the mortgage company and the realtor have seen them, and they are ok. I would like to see for myself. We told the lawyer we won't need him at closing, and he implied that that was when problems arose and lawyers were most useful, but he will send his bill. The lawyer and the closing might be the thought percolating in the back of my head.

Let me look over what I wrote last night and see if it is any good. I am once again doubting my ability to write good history.

And so to work.

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