Footnotes are most incredibly

June 16, 2003

Footnotes are most incredibly tedious -- Especially when the first time you wrote them you used one form and then you have to rewrite all 110 notes into proper dissertation format.

I just wanted to share that.

Oh, Karajan did not do well on the big stereo. To my ear the overall sound was flat, as in it lacked depth and vibrancy. In addition the horns sounded flat, as in they pitched some of their notes in an unexpectedly low manner. So I dug out Maddy Prior and June Tabor and cranked up Cakes and Ale and the Agincourt Carol. When we got the various bits of the stereo we optimized for acapella sopranos. Sure enough, it sounded like I had two beautiful voices standing 10 feet from me ... although something in either the recording or the right speaker squawked on the high note on the first "deo gratias" in the final chorus. It is a very high note.

And back to work

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