Sometimes I just get

June 16, 2003

Sometimes I just get mad. I took a study break and stumbled across this story on the online New York times. Before I could go back to work I had to write this:

Tom DeLay
242 Cannon HOB
Washington, DC 20515-4322

June 16, 2003

Dear Representative DeLay,

I have been reading about what the House leadership has been doing with the unearned income tax credit and the Senate conference committee. You, sir, should be ashamed of yourself. You are systematically giving up common decency and compassion for your fellow citizens. A politician is, in the end, a steward of the nation. We elect you and your peers because we trust you to provide services for us all and make decisions that are in the good of the people. The people is ALL of the people, not just campaign contributors and not just your ideological fellow travelers. I understand that you are a professing Christian. I must ask you, when you one day stand at that great Judgement seat, how will you respond when you are asked what you have done for "the least of my brothers?" What will you say?

I have not yet decided if I will put a stamp on it and mail it. Never send anything while you are angry.

And back to work.

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