Sleepy already. I did

June 06, 2003

Sleepy already. I did not sleep well last night.

After blogging I thought about a snack but was not hungry, or so I thought. Spent a few minutes, ok, an hour, doing a vanity search because I was curious. It turns out I found a dozen links to a FAQ I wrote 5 years ago and have not touched since, and I found half a dozen links to the conference paper I gave 3 years ago. I need to publish more.

finally decided that I needed a snack if I was to sleep, had 2 bowls of not-cheerios, then read Sports Consecrated until sleepy. To bed at 2:20, was finally falling asleep at 2:40 when the baby woke. He had been sleeping sideways and then got himself tangled in the bed bumper and his larger bear. I straightened him, he was cranking, so I changed the diaper and walked him for a little while, then put him back in bed and rocked the crib. I then to bed, and J took over crib-rocking as baby grumped his way to sleep. I probably fell asleep a little after 3:00, woke at 7:05 after J let me sleep in.

Just dropped of baby at daycare, I have broken my fast, now to start my day.

Busy day, errands and writings. TTD:

Call seller, arrange for contracter visit on Monday
Call handyman, reserve some of his time in early August.
Re-pot seedlings
go to the gym, exercycle and maybe some light lifting.
grade homework and one paper
decide what grade to give the oral exam
get through the conceptual block on page 18 and get back to editing. I have NOT gotten enough done this week.

But, I am once again allowed coffee. I will make a half-pot when I want one.

And so to my day

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