AAARGH I just checked

June 02, 2003


I just checked schedules. If I want to graduate in the Summer semester, I have to turn in a completed, SIGNED dissertation on August 1. That gives me 2 months to revise 4 chapters, get them to readers, make changes, and organize a defense. It is not going to happen, but I do want to drive to get to the defense by the end of August.

And here I spent all today being tired and stupid from poor sleep habits, and working on the second paper topic for BCC. That thing has eaten too many hours of my time this weekend. I hope I will be sharp enough tonight to start working through commonwealth ideals.

I should cook, but I am not hungry. I never did go to the gym. I did have a powerful 40 minute nap with following 20 minutes of maziness - I just got pole-axed around 3:20. I had been listening to Return of the King in the car, and orcs were arguing in nasty voices. I dreamed of, of all things, Charlie Brown and Linus working in a sweatshop driven by the Orcs from the guard tower at the start of book 6. Charlie Brown was hopeless, while Linus could fold garments perfectly. I have no idea what this meant. I also have no idea why I can nap just fine on that couch but I could not fall asleep on it last night. Perhaps it is that I was being poleaxed this afternoon and restless last night.

And so to commonwealth ideals.

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