Hmm, I missed yesterday.

June 02, 2003

Hmm, I missed yesterday.

Yesterday I worked some, I watched the baby a lot, I worked some, I cooked dinner, I did dishes, I watched the baby, I worked a little. I got sleepy.

I slept poorly last night, should have gone to bed at 9:45 with J, instead I stayed up to get a little more done. Did get a little more done, but when I got unproductive and went to bed around 10:30 I found that I could not sleep. J was snoring, and I did not want to mess with her sleep after her hard week. So I grabbed a book and a glass of milk and moved to the couch. Finished Franklin's Autobiography, drank milk, tried to fall asleep there. I could hear the neighbor's stero and the couch was too soft. Around 11:30 went back to bed, no dice, up again by midnight. Played some E&B till 1:00, then read 19th century political cartoons from Harper's Weekly's web site, was thinking about going back to bed but baby started to cough. Gave him cough medicine around 2:00, a little before, finally got to bed at 3:00am. Had trouble falling asleep.

So, this morning, J is up bright and early, pokes me at 6:15, and wonders why I did not want to wake up. Slept in until 7:05, after getting up to change the baby. Walked the dog, played with dog and baby, read the news online, now heading to start my day. I think I get caffeine today, I have not decided on tea or cocoa.

To do today:
Finish planning the second paper for US1. Current thought is to look at Bleeding Sumner and the 1856 Presidential election.
Drop off rent at the office.
Go to the bank
Drop off book review at Fed-Ex pickup.
Prep class for tomorrow
Figure out how to handle the commonwealth ideal on page 17 of chapter 3.
Either naps or caffeine, but not both and not a lot of either.

And so to break my fast.

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