I slept well. I

May 31, 2003

I slept well. I needed that sleep.

J was out singing at a choir gig, I had tbe baby. Baby started acting tired a little after 8:00. Tried to give him his bedtime snack but he was not interested. Put him to bed around 8:15, he grabbed his binkie and seemed to be on the way out but started crying a few minutes later. Rocked the crib at 8:30 and he seemed to be asleep, but started crying a few minutes later. By 8:45 I said to heck with it, picked him up and walked and sang. He was asleep by the end of one chorus of "mockingbird" and in his crib by the end of the second. checked email and then to bed.

Slept 9:45 to 6:30, sound sleep, disturbed a little by J coming home at 10, baby waking and snacking at 11:00, and J waking every 2 hours to cough.

Woke, sleepy and with a sore throat. Took dawg and baby for walk, breakfast while J napped. Then went and worked on the text review for an hour. This is taking a lot longer than I had hoped it would. Finished one section, and time for a change of pace. Blogging, then probably going to win the baby for a few minutes while J gets things done.

And so to the rest of my day.

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