Slept about 7 hours,

May 11, 2003

Slept about 7 hours, midnight to 7. Up, wandered around stupidly for about half an hour, then started day.

Breakfast was oatmeal, yum. J cooked while I walked the hound. Mothers' day today. We made some phone calls, I did not get J flowers. Bad Ted.

Wrote 4 legal sheets this morning while playing with baby, is a new conclusion to chapter 4. Will type them in tomorrow morning after I will have slept on them.

Spent the day playing with the baby, grading papers, and cooking. J did a lot of laundry, nice change for me because I normally get to do laundry. J caught up with last week's work, may have started on this coming week's stuff. I got done the grading for the Monday class, all but the finals which are coming in on the email. Will grade those tomorrow when I go in to pick up the hand-delivered copies. NOTE - need to finish syllabus for Thursday.

Lunch was leftover turkey chile on rice. Before lunch I had a snack of yoghurt with prunes and some fiber cereal. Mid afternoon I had a bowl of frozen yoghurt with fudge sauce and fresh strawberries. That fudge sauce is over 2 years old, even though I just opened it. It tastes like corn syrup and not much else - trashed it after eating ice cream. Now I can get a new bottle.

Today was scheduled for a legs/lowback lift. Mid afternoon I was just plain sleepy. Last Tuesday I lifted while tired, and it was not a good workout. I took a nap, actually I fell asleep lying on the floor while playing with the baby - J took the baby when he cried and I just stayed there for a few minutes. Moved to the couch later and had about a half-hour nap. No workout today, slacker.

Dinner was a chicken curry. I bought a big pack of chicken breasts last week, 4 went into the fajitas, 1 went to baby food, the rest went into a curry with 3 onions, 3 carrots, 1 can chick peas, some fresh ginger, garlic, and spices: fenugreek, celery seed, turmeric, hot pepper, thyme, fresh ground nutmeg. It was a different variation on the same curry, mostly because I mixed my own spices instead of using the pre-mixed stuff. We ate a lot of it, killed almost half the pot between the two of us.

The reflux is better. It was a little annoying a few times during the day, but it is back down to what it was before 2 weeks ago. No coffee and frequent peppermint seems to be doing the trick. Spicey ginger curry did not put any extra distress on the stomach other than the lung phlegm that comes with eating too much dinner. I still have not taken the drugs the doctor gave me for the tummy. I hope the reflux contines to go away so that I won't. I don't like medicine and prefer to take as little as possible.

After dinner, baby washing, laundry folding, and more grading. Finished grading papers around 9:30, got the homework done by 10:30. Spent about an hour playing games and now to bed. Willaena on E&B got blown up exploring, so I dragged Iskanya out for the final grading and then afterwards I took him mining. I think the defender is more fun than the explorer, even though the explorer does seem to gain experience faster.

Random introspective thought for the day. I was thinking about the reunion yesterday. I noticed something odd. Most of the folks who came to it, came to talk to each other. They formed a large gaggle of folks and moved around as an ameoba, very slowly. I did want to see people, and I spent time talking and catching up, but several times J and I wandered off on our own. At reunions, while it is good to see people, and good to tell J about things, the most powerful moments for me were wandering around by myself digging out memories.

The best part of the reunion was walking around the old running track. I spent a great many afternoons on that track, it has a lot of memories for me. It is odd that I have more memories, or more powerful memories, from a cinder and gravel oval than I do from the various classrooms. But, the classrooms have changed, the track is still very similar. In fact, I walked out on the cross country course, ignoring the baseball and lacrosse games that were going on, and spotted the hill with a tree at the top of it. We used to run up that hill, again and again and again, in track an in cross country. The hill does not look all that big right now, although I was on a rise to one side of it. Everything looked smaller. Still, if my ankle had been feeling better and I had packed some running gear, I would have run up that hill for old times sake.

And now to bed.

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