Big day indeed. J's

May 10, 2003

Big day indeed. J's Torah reading went well. I held the baby, baby smiled at all around him. It was fun.

We split right after her Aliyah, home, changed, and to my 20th high school reunion. Arrived around 1:00. Went to lunch, saw about a dozen classmates. It was fun. Everyone is married with kids, including a couple of folks within the class who got married only 5 or 6 years ago.

Lunch was one and a half chicken sandwiches (small broiled breast on a roll, lettuce and tomato) and some noodle salad and oil-based potato salad. Had a water ice, I think that gave me the sugar crash later in the afternoon.

As always at reunions the doctors, lawyers, and local folks were over represented. Folks kept commenting on my web page - I should probably keep that sucker up to date. Baby was a big hit, as always, he is cute.

Folks, especially the teachers, kept asking about my brother and sister. I need to give them both a call sometime soon to say hey and pass along all the good wishes.

The high school has gotten so much bigger since I was there. They added space, moved the K-6 kids to another campus, upped the graduating class from 50 to 90, and are building a new $17,000,000 science building. Thats a lot of lab space, well designed lab space, including J sez some space for the teachers to run their own little research projects. They really are gearing up to compete with the community colleges for math/science teachers. That is pretty remarkable. J took the building tour, I babysat. It was a hardhat tour and hardhats do not come in 9month sizes.

Chatted some more, looked at the new gyms. It is odd, I walked through the whole building. The classrooms are similar, and I had some memories there, but I had the strongest memories walking around the track and along the cross country route. It might be because I am still running, but I am not still consciously doing the things we did in class, but it was the athletic memories that had the most resonance.

Got tired and called it around 4. The others went for dinner before coming back to party. I had bailed on the party in my RSVP, we had not made plans for babysitting, and we were both tired. Home and everyone had a nap - I lay down on the floor to play with baby and woke up half an hour later. Concrete under carpet is not so hard if you lie on your back and not on your belly.

Dinner was out of the freezer - no one wanted to cook. Thawed some bloody chicken and ate that, with elbo noodles and a carrot. I guess I am not going to make bloody chicken with the stuff in the fridge - probably making a chicken curry tomorrow.

After dinner did a little housework, bathed the baby. Looked at the dissertation chapter I have been noodling on in the back of my head all day, plugged in the road map I worked out in Schul, and I think it might work for a new conclusion. Was too tired/stupid to write well, and it was Saturday night. Watched an hour of TV with J - nature documentary, then played an hour or so of E&B, got Willa-Jenquai her combat level 14. Now she gets to run trade routes, and I get to grade while she does it.

My left achilles tendon is sore - the walking may have set it off. I changed walking around shoes from the soft Asics to the Timberlands hoping that would help. The ankle still got sore. Iced it while playing games. J suggests that I get my orthotics checked, they are several years old.

Reflux was a little annoying after dinner, had a mint right after dinner and some mint tea while watching TV. Forgot to mention mint to the doctor when we talked about reflux. If I get bile in the back of my throat I will try her pills, if a little mint clears it up I won't bother. I did not feel that the spicey tomato dinner made the reflux any worse than a normal dinner (but then, spicey food IS my normal dinner.)

And so to bed.\

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