Slept about 1:00 to

May 12, 2003

Slept about 1:00 to 6:45, call it 5 1/2 hours. After blogging, and editing the blog, was still not quite tired. Surfed the library catalog for a while, then to bed at one. Was cold, got up and put on warmer pajamas. Still had some trouble getting to sleep.

Two nights ago I had anxiety dreams involving being naked in public, mostly naked - I think there was a towel. Last night my dreams were populated by, I forget the title, that Tim Allen movie about actors in a Star Trek style TV series who end up abducted by aliens who think that the show was real. Scenes from that movie were running in my sleep, and kept running on the back screen while I walked the dog and slept-walked through my morning.

Last night the bathroom sink backed up. One of the things that kept me up was plunging it - no go. J plunged it this morning and still nothing, although it is draining a trickle. I get to call the complex about it once we have business hours.

TTD call county college coordinator at the military base, call the vet about the cat's slime and the dog's shots, write, make a loaf of bread, call the complex about the sink.

And so to work.

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