Slept about 12:30 to

May 21, 2003

Slept about 12:30 to about 6:30, call it 6 hours. J woke early and took the first shift. I rolled out of bed late and took the baby and the hound for their walk.

baby is feeling better, but is still home today. I have the day shift. The cleaners are coming and we will be going grocery shopping. I want to go to the gym, have not decided when I want to go to the gym.

Spent the earlier morning playing with baby and clearing house for the cleaners, baby got sleepy around 9:00 and I am getting settled for the day and thinking about getting work done.

At some point I want to do laundry, but I chose not to sort laundry with a falling-asleep baby in the same room.

And so to work.

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