What a tiring day!

May 21, 2003

What a tiring day!

Baby woke up at 10:00 and was cranky for 2 hours. I ended up calling J to come home at lunch and nurse him, which worked. She got him fed and to sleep, I took my nap which I needed, and we both slept about an hour mid day.

After waking baby was MUCH happier. We ran errands: went to the library and saw Katie, went to the farm stand and chatted with Debbie, went grocery shopping. He was wonderful.

We got home, and he started to crank again. He continued to crank until J got home to nurse him again. Then he napped. After he woke he was cranky again. We were eating by that point so J took over. Eventually I ran away to visit the storage area and get his humidifier. When I got back, J had flipped the switch and we had happy Jeckyll baby again instead of the evil Hyde baby.

We suspect that he gets cranky when there is pressure in his guts. His morning crank ended about the time he dropped a big poop, and his evening crank ended about the time he passed a lot of gas.

Meals: lunch was a little bowl of soup while the baby cried, after my nap I had a slice of toast with hummus before going shopping. Was hungry for dinner. Made my basic stir-fry: chicken cut up and marinated in olive oil, soy, ginger, garlic, hot vinegar oil and a little allspice. Steam-fry some brocolli, saute some scallions and mushrooms, brown the meat, combine it all together. The house now REEKS of cooked garlic, I feasted. If I weigh myself tomorrow remember to add a pound for all the sodium I ate today.

Watched a few minutes of Legally Blonde with the baby after his dinner and before his bath. Katie at the library (a former student of mine) was amused that I checked that one out - it did not match her image of me. The same checkout included Franklin's Writings which I needed for a quote but am likely to keep reading for fun, Tolkein's Return of the King as a book on tape for my commute to the military base, and a Bernard Cornwell military fiction.

Tried to work after dinner, got homework graded and my grade book created. Looked at what I had written earlier today and had NO idea why I was telling the reader this and NO idea where my thought had been heading. Called it a night after staring at the yellow page for a few minutes.

And so to bed.

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