A fair day. Worked

May 20, 2003

A fair day.

Worked from 8 until about 12:20. Finished fixing the catholicism section (was an easy fix after sleeping on it), extended most of the footnotes, fixed a logical problem, gave it one more read-through.

While doing so I noticed that I have a big problem in this chapter that I have to fix. I am arguing that there was a crisis of categorization in the 1840s and that the Evangelical Alliance was, in its American adoption, a response to this crisis. i don't talk a lot about slavery. But, the Methodists and baptists are schisming right in 1844-46, schisming over slavery, just as the international EA is debating slavery as a condition for membership. I need to work this in.

Current plan is to discuss anti-slavery after ultraism, sketch out the Methodist and baptist schisms, and argue that these contributed to the crisis in categorization. Then I will work some more mention of the schisms and the crisis into my narrative of the founding of the EA. I am not sure how this will affect the conclusion.

Spent 12:20 to almost 2:00 thinking about this while goofing off (watching Quicktime movie trailers) and thinkin about what to have for lunch. Got a call from J saying the baby probably has pink-eye. I showered and got ready to receive the baby while J picked him up from day care (J had the car with the baby seat.)

Lunch, 2 grilled cheese sandwiches (4 slices bread, 1 can tuna, 6 slices not-cheese, mayo, mustard, margarine) with chipotle pepper sauce. Was a big lunch. Drank a root beer with it and had frozen yoghurt afterwards. This may have affected my afternoon.

Fed the baby while I ate my second sandwich. He has a new trick - he likes to help with the food. He grabs the spoon and puts it in his mouth. Today, more at dinner but he did it at lunch as well, he is dumping the food onto his right cheek because he does not open his mouth enough, then he is pushing it into his mouth with his right hand as he uses two hands to hold the spoon and gum it.

While cooking and over lunch I brainstormed the writing decisions I sketched out above.

Spent the afternoon watching the baby. When he went down for his nap I tried to write up the new section. I got half a paragraph in, on the couch, and fell asleep HARD. I slept until after 5:00, waking up a few minutes before J came home.

J nursed, I had baby duty while J went to the gym. Read Alan Taylor while baby played. Fed him (more spoon-cheek-messmaking) and took him to the vet. Dr L sez yep, conjunctivitis. Yep, ear infection. Yep, noise in the chest. Yep, red inflamed throat. The lil guy hit the trifecta, no wonder he was a little grumpy. Got a scrip for eye slime for the eyes and antibiotics for the ears, robittusson or the equivalent for the chest and the cold.

Home, dropped off baby, went to pick up the medicines. Spent 40 minutes waiting for a 20 minute thang. I may have missed them calling my name - I have to remember to sit or stand in view of the counter not around the corner. Did get another chunk of Taylor down.

Home, Baby to J for pajamas, nursing, and bed. I had 2 bowls of cereal with milk (had some milk before taking baby to the doctor) one bowl of Post great grains, one bowl of generic barley and oat with some extra raisins. I just did not want meat, after that lunch I was in the mood for milk and grains. So I ate it.

After eating I finished reading Taylor and started prepping for tomorrow night. Around midnight I hit a stopping point. Checked the newspapers, forwarded Warren Buffet's op-ed article on the dividend tax to my folks. Good article:

Wrote this, and now to bed.

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