Slept 10:30 to 6:30,

May 09, 2003

Slept 10:30 to 6:30, about 8 hours and again I wanted more sleep. Cutting out coffee to help with the stomach seems to have the side effect of helping my sleep. I still miss my coffee.

After blogging yesterday got a little more done, dinner was leftover chile on rice, 2 plates full. If there were 8 plates in the pot, I had a quarter of the pot for dinner last night - not too much food.

I had the baby while J went to hazmat, which was fun. He ate, we played, he got tired and had his bath, he did NOT want a bedtime drink, and he got to sleep pretty easily. J came home a little before 10 and baby woke up, so he got his snack then.

This morning, breakfast was 2 small bowls of cheerios, 2 slices of germy bread, the second with marmalade. Showered early, went to the doctor to talk about cholesterol. The numbers are better than they were: 147 total, 91 LDL, 31 HDL. That is a BIG jump from the 20 HDL I had a few months ago. All the numbers were higher, I suspect Passover but I have also been eating a lil more fat the last few weeks. The big changes I have noticed over the last month are 1 sitting on the exercycle a few times a week and 2, my body has shifted back towards muscular mode - my back has lumps again. When I wear a fit body, either weightlifting fit or running fit, my cholesterol numbers improve.

Talked to the doctor about the reflux, I think I have forgotten to blog the reflux but it has been bothering me for a couple of week. Before that I was vaguely aware of a little reflux after large meals or excess coffee and a little bit of a milk hangover after some of my post-workout milk binges. Doctor said to 1, keep on with the no coffee (I miss my coffee), 2, watch the milk binges, 3, watch for pain on the right side of the belly that might be gall bladder, and 4, take sample pills when it bothers me. If I ever take more than 2 a day or 2 a week, then call her and we will look at it farther.

For my achilles tendon, stretching, rice, consider anti-inflammatories before exercise. After racking up my knee that way I do NOT want to risk painkillers before exercise again. Oh, and no running till the ankle stops hurting. I also wonder if my walking around sneakers are breaking down, I am very hard on shoes.

I do think I want to cut my weight by 5, and go down to 170 not 175. If I watch my calories for the month it should be fairly easy to do, I just have to go with assymetrical cutting/bulking minicycles.

And so to work

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