Got some work done

May 09, 2003

Got some work done mid day and late in the day, but most of the afternoon was spent being sleepy. It was a grey rainy day.

Lunch was beanie weenie (2 low fat hot dogs, 1 can bush's beans, 1 clove garlic) After lunch I had a bowl of frozen yoghurt with fudge sauce. The dessert may well have affected my sleepies later on.

The reflux is better today. Had a couple of peppermints, one mug of mint tea during the day.

Gym, did a mixed upper body workout
HCP 95*5
barbell bench bar * 10, 95*3, 135*5,5,5. Working on form
pullups, wide grip 4 1/2, 3
dumbell bench 30*10. Right front delt felt over worked, halted pressing movements.
barbell bent row, 135*3, 185*1, 155*5,5
curls/cheat curls for negatives. 70*3, 90*3/2, 3/2
abs - double crunch, freehand, 20,20

no cardio - being kind to left achilles tendon.

Picked up babe, went home, cooked and cleaned kitchen. J ran late from happy hour.

Dinner was chicken scallopini, breaded in flour and a little salt pepper and thyme, fried in olive oil, served with rice and broccolli. I deglazed the chicken pan with shallots and vermouth (we were out of lemon, wah). Note, the non-stick pan leaves nothing to deglaze, try this in iron.

After dinner we folded some laundry, put the house back together, fed and amused the baby.

After baby to sleep I graded a couple of papers while running E&B in the background. Shut down a few minutes ago, and so to bed. Busy day tomorrow.

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