Pretty good day. Spent

May 23, 2003

Pretty good day.

Spent the morning writing, took one brief naplet with my yellow pad. Got (pauses to count) 4 yellow sheets, prepped for the night class, did a little housework.

First lunch was leftover chicken and brocolli. Second lunch was also leftover chicken and brocolli. No more stir fry because I eated it all! I like that dish.

Class went fairly well. A couple of the students had trouble following the first two classes, so this time I made sure to do a better job of setting things up and explaining the connections. We did 100 years in 3 hours, focusing on the middle colonies, on colonial slavery, on the enlightenment and on the awakening. We read a page by John Locke and talked about how Locke differed from the John Winthrop we read on Tuesday. I think I like that combination and will use it again.

After class I discovered that bonehead Ted had left the lights on. The car battery was dead (almost dead - still had clock time afterwards). I called triple A, discovered that I was not a member, and flagged down a passing truck before buying an instant membership from them. Got a jump (this is why we have cables in the back of that car) and came home.

Late dinner, a 3-egg mushroom omelette around 10:00 at night. (3 eggs, 2 mushrooms, 3 scallions, 1 big clove garlic, salt, thyme) and two slices of the new bread. I did another honey wheat loaf, this time with a splash of walnut oil.

Read a book to unwind, Sharpe's Triumph by Bernard Cornwell. Was a fun light read, finished it around 12:20.

Checked email, wrote this, and am deciding if I am tired enough to sleep. I drank a Pepsi before teaching because I was tired, and now I have the caffeine problem. Oh, no reflux today until after teaching, I blame the soda. No reflux yesterday until after dinner, perhaps the garlic and salt? Took two Tums around 12:20 after I finished my book and got up to pee.

And so to let the dog out.

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