An odd morning. Slept

May 23, 2003

An odd morning.

Slept about 3:15 to 7:00. Was unable to go to sleep after blogging, read another book, drank some milk, and finally felt sleepy.

Woke up and helped J pack for her weekend. I played with the baby, that was my way of helping. It kept short stuff out of the way while she put things into bags.

Breakfast, 1 bowl mixed great-grains and generic oat and barley, 2 slices toast, both with ted-slime, 1 with rasberry jam. I trashed the open marmalade - it was crystallizing and I just was not interested in eating more of it. After about a year, from Passover to Passover, my marmalade frenzy is slacking off. I still have 7 seville oranges in the fridge and freezer, so I should make some more marmalade at SOME point.

Caught up on email, did a little reading in Bender Antislavery Controversy earlier. Today I need to finish the antislavery section so I can polish it up and insert it over the weekend.

I get to eat whatever I want all weekend - I don't have to worry about making things that J likes. And, of course, I am hungry and do not know what to make. Go figure.

And so to lunch

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