I forgot to put

May 24, 2003

I forgot to put in my bedtime update yesterday.

I was sleepy yesterday, and although I worked a lot of hours I did not get a lot written - sentances went slowly. I did get a couple of yellow pages but wanted more.

It has been grey and rainy and sleepy the last few days, I am dealing with a cold, it is a little hard to concentrate.

Yesterday mid-morning I dropped J and baby off at the airport to visit her dad and came home to write. Wrote, dithered about what to have for lunch and made 3 hot dogs. In the afternoon I wrote, walked the dog, wrote, got a pizza, wrote and wrote. I am getting into the swing of things.

Around midnight I shut down. I then went to read a little before going to bed, bad idea. Those Bernard Cornwell novels are too hard to put down. No more out of the library for a while - too much like potato chips. To bed around 2:00, trouble falling asleep. Alarm was set for 7:00 this morning, so under 5 hours of sleep. This is not good - two nights in a row of short sleep starts me on a pattern.

Watch the sugar and caffeine today.

And so to work, about an hour late.

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