Forgot to update this

May 28, 2003

Forgot to update this morning.

Lets see,
Tuesday, prepped class, worked on chapter 4, sent chapter 4 out in the afternoon. YAY. Started working on the textbook review.

Taught class, Imperial Crisis and American Revolution, got through almost everything I wanted to - but at the cost of too much lecturing. Remember to do some other things on Thursday.

Came home, had a snack, went to bed. Baby was not tired, not tired, not tired, overtired. I ended up getting up and walking him to sleep, he was asleep before I finished singing Mockingbird the first time through.

Slept 11:00 to 6:30, broken sleep. I was up once for cold meds, J was up several times coughing.

Today I felt feverish much of the day, even with cold meds and extra tylenol. Was not all that productive. I am getting very tired of being sick, and it has been less than a week.

Today I: sketched out class prep, sketched out midterm study sheet, read through the papers once, graded a couple of papers, hit the library and dry cleaners, ran a load of laundry, found a conference to send a paper to, researched a school to apply for a job at, had a nap, and wasted some time. I feel behind.

Hungry at the moment, waiting for J to come home and dinner to be ready. meatloaf and potatoes and squash and maybe some buttered carrots for dinner. Should be good. Finished the sloppy joes for lunch. Cereal and toast for breakfast.

And so to tylenol myself.

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