Slept 10:30 to 6:10

May 27, 2003

Slept 10:30 to 6:10 or so, call it 7 and 1/2 hours of broken sleep. Up at 12:30 (cold med), 2:30, 3:30 and was woken by a cranking baby around 5. Baby went back to sleep and so did we. J was sleeping towards the middle of the bed again, which was cozy but cramped.

Yesterday was a tired tired day. I was exhausted after pushing on Friday,Saturday,Sunday. Yesterday I slept in, finished marking up the chapter I am reviewing, started prepping for tonight's class, stopped at 3:00 to go fetch J and baby from airport.

Home from airport around 5:00, did not get to work until 8:00. Spent some more time working on class prep, very distractable. Bailed at 9:30 or so for a snack. While snacking I figured out what was bugging me about my argument in chapter 4. Went and took 2 pages of typed notes, looked things up in a couple of books, have a plan for how to fix the problems. Today I get to revise 4 with those typed notes in front of me.

Meals Monday:
Breakfast, english muffin, toast, cereal
Lunch: sloppy joes
Dinner: spaghetti with sausage and peppers. It was going to be chicken in red sauce, but I neither cooked up the chicken in time nor wrapped and froze it, and it went bad in the fridge. I feel stupid. I should have taken the time on Friday to put them up, or on Sunday to cook them.

Today's plans
Finish prepping for class, Imperial Crisis and early Am Rev
Revise chapter 4 with those notes
Hit the CC library for a book for diss, grab printouts to hand out to kids from print center.
Revise 4 from those notes
Get 4 out the door
Write up the review
Get the review out the door.

That is too much for one day, looks like I am not going to get the bonus for finishing the review quickly.

And so to breakfast.

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