Another day, another lack

May 29, 2003

Another day, another lack of morning updates.

Slept about 11:00 to 6:30. Did not want to get up. In fact, at 6:15 I got up, changed the baby, handed him to J, and went back to bed. I lay there, dreaming but not sleeping, for another half hour. I have no fever, I got enough sleep (almost) and yet I am tired and stupid and feel sick. Why?

Spent the morning working very slowly. Finished grading papers. Finished up the midterm study sheet. Did a little more class prep. Decided that the topic for the second paper will need to be changed before they can write a decent paper on it.

Some of the papers are good, several of them are just plain too short. One person cribbed the entire thing. He and I get to have a chat.

Breakfast was a bowl of cereal, no toast or muffins.

Lunch was a big bowl of leftover spaghetti and sausages.

I am packing a sandwich for today. I need to hit the bank and the office goods store to deposit checks, get quarters, and buy more whiteboard solution. I really do prefer whiteboards.

Oh, and I blew out my nose today. I was feeling less congested last night, and not feverish, so I went off the cold meds. I was ok today, blowing my nose about once an hour, and goosh the left nostril let go. I managed to get it to clot fairly quickly. But still, I think this is my first cold-induced nose bleed since I was a teenager.

So, I am teaching in something other than a white shirt and a tie. I have a plaid blazer shirt, cut like a dress shirt but dark and less obvious when my nose will drip blood on it.

time to walk the dog, take a quick nap (not in that order) and head out for errands, cc library, cc office staff chat, and thence to teach.

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