Finished typing up my

May 18, 2003

Finished typing up my edits, had to solve a couple of small construction problems. I spent maybe 45 minutes typing it up, plus another 30 minutes reviewing the whole, before our midmorning nap. That is all the work I have gotten done since then. I have been babysitting, or going to the storage unit and to the gym, or cooking dinner, or folding laundry. Luckily it was a good hour of work I had this morning.

Baby might be sick, he is clingy and cranky. He rubs one ear sometimes, but is not yet running a fever. He might be sick, he is most certainly exhausting.

I was tired when I went to the gym. I had been in the storage area and struggling a little to move boxes around - a bad sign. Was stiff on warming up, weak once I started to lift.

  • 4:00 cycle, stretch, fr squat bar *10, oh squat bar *10
  • Squat, bar * 12, 135*3, 185, 225*5, 2.

  • cardio, recline cycle, 20 resist for 15 minutes, 15 resist for 20 minutes, 55 rpm, 660 "calories"

It was a crappy lift. I was tired and weak, on the squats I had plenty of leg power I just lost concentration and could not control my core or my form. I wanted 2 sets of 8 at that weight, I did not push once the form fell apart. In fact, I walked away from the iron and went and sat on an exercycle.

It has been 9 days since I went to the gym. That is part of it. I have been getting not enough sleep for a few days and am still coming off of grading frenzy midweek. That is also part of it. Still, I should not be that weak and that tired. Lets see how things go tomorrow afternoon.

Oh, gym weight 177.6, naked weight 174 1/4. Did I loose weight because I lost fitness, or because I ate a little lightly?

Finished printing out the section on catholicism. Either I edit and revise that, or I vacuum the house. I feel tired and stupid, the vacuum is looking tempting.

And so back to work

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