Sleepy day, rainy day

May 17, 2003

Sleepy day, rainy day - the two might well be connected.

Did not get much done mid morning, realized I was thinking slowly so I opened J's computer and installed the hard drive from my old machine. She went from 10 gig to 30 gig, or will once I finish pulling the last couple of files off of the old drive. I also plugged in the monitor she brought home from work. It is very dark; she may want to go back to the old one even though it yellows out. I think we have cash available for a new monitor for her.

Took the dog to the vet, dog is healthy and now she has her shots up to date. Just kennel cough vaccine, but that is a good one to have up.

Lunch, beanie weenie - 2 D&W lowfat hot dogs, 1 can bush vegetarian beans, some thyme and garlic. Afterwards I did get some writing done, but not much. Finally threw up my hands and took a nap on the bed - was positively unconscious and had trouble getting up again. It was one of those paralyzed naps, where the body does not move and the brain is full of oatmeal.

Sorted coupons, picked up the baby, finally dropped off a week and a half worth of dry cleaning. Then baby and I went grocery shopping. Was a slower shopping trip than sometimes - used coupons, picked cereal, and hunted out a store employee to grab me a box of mason jars. Yes, mason jars are in ! I hope to make blueberry jam this weekend.

Dinner was meatloaf, a baked acorn squash, challah, and steamed brocolli with lemon. J's brother came over. We put a hurting on dinner, very few leftovers. J looked at the pictures of the new house and had some thoughts about the landscaping - he does not like, he despises, the retaining bricks that the current owner used to make a border around the mulch beds. After we move in I will grab him and we will work out a grading plan to get the water away from the house and keep it away. He then explained his Europe trip, looks like it will be fun, we took some pictures, and shooed him off.

Baby was in bed by then, I did dishes then got a little more writing done. Finished typing in the yellow sheets I wrote a few days ago, started making notes about where to insert the ideas I had this afternoon. This chapter is already 2 weeks late, I hope to get it out the door before it is 3 weeks late. I think it is hanging together, it just needs another pass for coherence and clarity.

Set up a batch of pancake batter to ferment overnight. The buttermilk is bad again, I have spoiled too much buttermilk. No more. I made the batter with yoghurt and skim milk, and we will see how we like it in the morning. I might decide to raid the blueberries for the jam and sprinkle a few onto pancakes. That would be pretty darn tasty.

Oh, the reflux has been pretty darn good today. It was annoying this morning, but has been non-existent since the nap. I hope that a little less stress, some sleep, and a reasonable use of milk will get my stomach off this self-eating thang. Still constipated, but not as bad as I was a couple of weeks ago. You don't need to read that, but I need to keep a record of it because I am tracking the reflux and its side effects.

Played a little E & B, drank milk, thought about the chapter. Am about to go to bed, but baby just woke and is crying. I might be up very late indeed.

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