Slept 1:30 to 7:30,

May 18, 2003

Slept 1:30 to 7:30, well, that was when I was in bed. The baby got cold right at 1:30 and he was cranking and crying for a while afterwards. I am a lil sleepy. After last blogging started on my bedtime routine, got to the last few pages of my novel while on the can, and finished it. Was re-reading Eric Flint's Philosophical Strangler. It is an ok book, creative and tedious at the same time, and occasionally it is as funny as it tries to be.

Quicker breakfast this morning. 1 bowl of wheaties, 4 leftover pancakes, warmed in the toaster, with ted slime and maple syrup. Afterwards I fed the baby his breakfast. He really wanted to help, and kept grabbing the bowl of the spoon rather than the handle. This is cute once, but when baby is eating hot cereal with prunes mixed in, it gets messy quickly. Baby really wanted to play with his spoon, and after finishing the cereal and moving to the bananas I stopped trying to feed him quickly. Instead I would feed a spoonful, then read the comics while he chewed on his spoon. Eventually the spoon would come out and I would get another two bites into him before he got hold of the spoon and returned to play time. He is very cute, and absolutely exhausting.

Going to finish typing up my edits now. And so to work.

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